Thursday, February 9, 2012

Wednesday Dinner 2/8/2012

Good morning and happy Thursday!! Lets all push through these next two days and get ready for the weekend, ayyyyeeee. This weeks "Wednesday Dinner" was a little weird! I had dinner with a friend of mine who I won't name, I'll just refer to him as he, him and his (hahaha). But having dinner with him wasn't weird the place were we ate was weird. So I had purchased a whole bunch of gift certificates from ( One of the gift cards I purchased for a place called "Magic Skewers" ( located in Manhattan Beach on 22nd Street and Marine, walking in we were a little surprised! This is truly a whole in the wall, which is cool because I love those type of places. So here is were it got weird; there was no one there to greet us, we had to seat ourselves, and it took about 15 minutes for the guy to come over and get our drink orders and then another 15 minutes for him to come back with the drinks. There was about 2 other families that were dinning as well and it appeared that the guy who helped us was the only guy working. So by the time we got our drinks we were ready to order, here is what we got:

Ashley- Chicken Kabob and Shrimp
Him- Chicken Curry and Chicken Kabob

It took about 25 minutes for the food to come out, while waiting I was checking out the decorum of the place and it was really weird! It seems like this place has really been hit by the recession and maybe back in the day they had it going on but as of last night not so much! So the food came and the plate set up was really cute! It was very vintage! But a little too much food for the plate. All meals come with rice, pita bread and salad. I got the additional onions and mushrooms with mine but that was a total waste! It tasted really bad! The shrimp was ok, it was suppose to be shrimp scampi but it sure didn't taste like it! The pita bread was HARD, I took one bite and was off that! The best part was the chicken kabob and the salad. The chicken was juicy and a pretty nice size! It wasn't over or under cooked and it was seasoned very well! His food was ok too, the curry was a little weird and a little dark for curry but whatever. All in all it was good. The guy who served us was extremely friendly! The other thing I didn't like was that they only took cash or checks? Who the hell takes checks at a restaurant?! I don't think I'll be going back to "Magic Skewers" anytime soon but I am glad I tried them out. The total came up to $53 and some change, I had a gift certificate for $25 off so it brought the total down to $28 and some change. Not sure how we spent $53 on dinner before the coupon because sadly those kabobs weren't worth that much. I did enjoy myself and I left full however I didn't have any left overs but oh well! If you want to make a "Wednesday Dinner" kabob drop me a line and follow on Twitter in closing I'd like to leave you with this "Good people bring out the good in you" until next week -Ashley

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