Thursday, August 27, 2009

Wednesday Dinner 8/26/09

Wow I am so tired and this morning started off SO WRONG! But I'm going to get through this day with a smile! So yesterdays dinner was just wonderful to say the least, I was surrounded by my family and in my eyes that is such a wonderful feeling! This week is just a week about love, relationships and family. This weekend my grandparents will be celebrating 60 years of marriage! Whew, we can only imagine and hope we can be with someone that long! Also my Aunt came into town to surprise them and boy did she! So yesterday I decided to cook for my family and have them all over. Here is what I made:

Lasagna (with ground turkey of course)
Garlic Bread
Ceaser Salad
Sour cream Pound Cake

I must say dinner was DELISH, and I got great reviews. Now don't think just because their family they were just telling me the food was good, so not the case. The one thing my family knows how to do is keep it real!!! My family is hilarious and so loving and kind, yesterday my Aunt Myrtle (My dad's oldest sister) was the life of the party. Auntie Myrtle is just to much, she has a wonderful spirit and a great sense of humor. Looking at her you would never think she has a story to tell, but she has a true testimony and is living proof that God is real! She is a Hurricane Katrina survivor!!! Along with her other personal struggles, she has managed to come out of it all and give all the thanks and glory to God and you can't be mad at her for that. Its always a treat seeing her and having her around, she just has a wonderful spirit! My Pape' (which is what I call my grandfather) also cracked a few jokes, and they were just too funny. My Gammo (which is what I call my grandmother) told us the story of how her and my Pape' met. I never knew that they had both been married before, so this is the 2nd marriage for both of them. Just seeing them together and being so blessed to have them is such a wonderful feeling. They have been married for 60 years, 4 kids later, 8 grandchildren and 6 great grandchildren and they are both in their 80's and still able to enjoy and create memories is so amazing to me when I think back. So yesterday was just a wonderful day for me all around, anyone who knows me knows that I am all about family and togetherness. Its such a great feeling to have family! We talked about so many things last night and made a lot of good memories. We talked about my dad when he was growing up, when my dad's family first moved to California from New Orleans and how my Gammo decided that they weren't going back to New Orleans. Although we have quite a few relatives in New Orleans it hasn't been the same for them since the Hurricane. When the hurricane came that was a trying time for my family, so many loved ones missing and spread out. But will prayer and a careful eye they all recovered safely. We laughed and we all shared some amazing stories with eachother along with good fine, wine and a great dessert it was almost like a perfect 1st date LOL. Also yesterday, I took some leftovers to Tiff and my honey bunny (who shall remain anonymous until the time is right). First I spent a little quality time with my honey, he's so sweet and so starting to grow on me. Quality time with someone your dating is so needed when your trying to start a new relationship, so after getting my goodnight sugar and hug from my honey I was off to see Tiff. Tiff is still so pregnant and today is actually her due date, we'll see what happens with that! Spending time with Tiff is always fun, because all we do is laugh and joke! Its so funny seeing her pregnant and her babies stuff sitting up waiting for the baby to get here. We both would have never thought she'd be pregnant, but she's excited and ready to pop! If you have in suggestions on Wednesday Dinner or would like to get on the Wednesday Dinner roll call, hit me up . In closing I'd like to talk about judging, judging is defined as to form an opinion or estimate. So many people make judgement calls or pre judge people without even knowing them. Of course we are guilty of doing this and also judging someone based on their past, who they know, what they do, where they work I mean could go on and on. However I would like to say that no one is immune to being judge however you can be very mindful of who you judge and why. Never judge a person prematurely or for what they were or where they have been rather let them show you who they are and what their intentions are. Looking at a person you will never know what they have been through or where they have been, take the time to get to know someone. We all have a story to tell and looking at a person you would never know their story unless you try and read their book. Until next week, -BESO'S Ashley

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Wednesday Dinner 8/19/09

Boy oh boy! I am feeling very refreshed after a great sleep last night and an extremely trying day yesterday. Yesterday was just a DAY, you know the day when your emotions are all over the place and everything someone else says makes you snap. Well yesterday was my day and after much prayer and thought I am all better. So let's go "Wednesday Dinner". Yesterday I was all over the place with what I was going to eat, I couldn't decide I was torn between 5 places. But the experience I had right before I decide to eat totally took my appetite away. The plan was go to dinner, go get my hair done and then go have dessert but as usual someone threw a MONKEY WRENCH in my plans. So I proceeded just to go and get my hair done, since my appetite was gone. For many years my cousin Chanel has been doing my hair and last night I was going to her house to get "My Hair Did". I was in a bad mood when I got there and just wanted to get in and get out! I was starting to get a little hungry but still couldn't put my finger on what I wanted to eat. Chanel's husband Jason was in the kitchen cooking and the smell was wonderful, I couldn't pin point what he was making but it sure did smell good. So when Chanel and her daughter Taelor came out with their plates, I decided ok I'll make a plate and have "Wednesday Dinner" here and here is what I had:

Steak (with A-1 sauce, of course)
Mashed Potatoes
Cesar Salad

I know as a woman it must be a wonderful feeling when you can come home and your man has all hands on deck in the kitchen, so big ups to Jason for doing that! Chanel mentioned it was Jason's 1st time making Mashed Potatoes, so I will cut him a little slack LOL. Dinner was DELISH, the Steak was seasoned very well and cooked just right. The mashed potatoes were a little lumpy but good nonetheless and I was kind of lost with the Cesar salad but you need your veggies to balance out a meal. All in all the food was good and I was stuffed, I was even able to bring some leftovers for lunch. After getting my hair done and eating dinner it was back to the house for me, I still wasn't really in the mood for dessert. I really just wanted to go home, shower and go to sleep. On my home I talked to my sister on the phone about the days earlier events that just got me in a MOOD and like always when I talk to either of my sisters they always make me feel better. Once I was done with that, I showered and talked to a good friend. My friend Tiffany always finds a way to tell me something that will make me laugh and make me feel better and even though she's busy with getting ready to have her 1st baby(due any day now) she still finds time to listen. Thanks to my girls for your talks last night! I love ya'll! If you have any suggestions or would like to get on the "Wednesday Dinner" roll call holla at me In closing I would like to talk about fear, fear is defined as great dread, alarm; deep reverence; regard in fear; stand in awe; be afraid. I am seeing and starting to learn that there are some people are just fearful of everything (being happy, trying new things, falling in love, applying for a new job, taking chances, etc.) and it seems like these fears turn these people into very mean and weak spirited people. Being fearful of something is a sign of a major weakness, when you are afraid to do something look to God and pray for strength because he will see you through. Somethings you can't control, but the things you can control you should own them and never be fearful because its in your control and if you loose control PUSH (pray until something happens) and it will all work out. Life is to short to live in fear and not be happy, because tomorrow is never promised. So with that being said "Take control of your fears and become fearless" until next week xoxoxoxoxo- Ashley

Thursday, August 13, 2009

Wednesday Dinner 8/12/09

Grrrrrr! is so the mood I am in this morning. For some strange reason I couldn't wake up on time and I totally was in bed and sleep by 11pm last night. Any who, good morning and let's get it. Yesterday's "Wednesday Dinner" was a day of celebrations!!! And I am a strong advocate of celebrating any and everything! Yesterday my dear mother passed her Bail man exam, which is great and will benefit the family business(King Bail Bonds 323-299-1234, just in case anyone needs our assistance's). And also we were celebrating Melissa's birthday a day early, today is her actual birthday (Happy Birthday Melissa!!!!). So let's get into "Wednesday Dinner". My mom had been wanting to go to Red Lobster and so I figured why not since we had a reason to go, not that you need a reason to go to dinner but last night I did because I so wasn't feeling Red Lobster and I had already had a theme for this week, but as usual my plan was thrown off. So it was off to Red Lobster ( went. And of course my mother invited mini me and her sidekick Shelby hahaha! Let me start by saying, I am a firm believer that just because something is in the hood doesn't mean it has to be hood or hood like. By my description I am sure you know that we went to the Red Lobster on Crenshaw, which is not to fair from where I live. So anyway, when we got there there were about 10-15 people waiting and our wait time was estimated at 10-15 minutes. I noticed that there where a lot of empty tables and couldn't understand why all these people where waiting. Our wait was actually 20 minutes and when it was time to be seated we were placed all the way in the back? Not sure why but the show must go on. Our waitress seemed a little of balance and that's never a good look in my opinion! So we proceeded to order and here is what we got:

Lobster Pizza- appetizer
Ashley- Chef's Signature Lobster and Shrimp Pasta & A Glass of Sutter Home's Chardonnay
Mom-Ultimate Feast
Shelby-New England Seafood Sampler

Of course listing this food it doesn't look like a lot but it hit my wallet for a whopping $85.42, Red Lobster still isn't recession friendly and for some reason I don't remember it being this high for 3 people to eat back in the day when it was located on Wilshire (for those of you who remember). The best thing about the food to me was the Lobster Pizza, my mom and Shelby where pleased with their food. Me not so much, I had to ask for Alfredo sauce 2 times and I glass of water 3 times. I also had the most dreadful glass of wine (ICK). The plus side was the food was hot when it came out, however that really didn't matter because it was cold as ICE in the restaurant. Anyway we tried not to let those things get in the way of us having a good time with each other. We talked and laughed and all in all had a nice time with each other. While having dinner Shelby and I where also planning to surprise Melissa for her birthday after dinner. Melissa will be with her boyfriend tonight which is why we had to celebrate her birthday last night. So it was time to wrap it up and leave Red Lobster, but it wasn't going to be that easy. It took all of 15 minutes for the waitress to finally come pick up the check and another 10 for her to bring back my card WTHeck! I wasn't going to leave a tip, but my mother insisted. So we finally left, and honestly I think it will be an extremely long time before I dine at Red Lobster again especially that one.

So of to surprise Melissa was next on the agenda. I stopped at Baskin and Robbins( to pick up an ice cream cake. That new commercial saying the cakes start of at $9.99 is a total lie because they didn't have any. So I just picked up a small Oreo cookie ice cream cake with red on it (red is her favorite color). Melissa has no idea we where coming to surprise her. She was getting her hair done at our cousins, so we stopped there to give her gifts and cake. She was totally surprised and said "Aww I feel so loved". So we stayed at my cousins house for about an hour laughing, talking and catching up on Daddy's Little Girls (Love that show). That was the highlight of my night, getting to see Melissa before her birthday was great. All in all last night was good Red Lobster canned and Baskin Robbins has rethink their marketing strategy for commericals. If you have any suggestions on where my next food adventure should be or would like to join me in my dinning adventures, drop me a line . In closing I'd like to talk about relationships. Relationships are something we all have and something we all want no matter what type of relationship it is. I am a firm believer that a relationship takes a lot of work, caring, love, affection, communication and trust. I also believe a relationship is like a job, you have to show up everyday and do your job. No matter what type of relationship you have it should be healthy and make you feel good. If you have a relationship that is unhealthy or makes you unhappy and is the opposite of all the things I listed then you have somethings to think about. Lastly a relationship is a 2 way street, you have to give to get and when you get you give......... Until next week, B Brezzy! -Ashley

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Wednesday Dinner 8/5/09

Wow July sure did move by quickly, and here it is August and the year is moving at a rapid pace. This week for "Wednesday Dinner" I decided to visit two classic L.A. spots, one for dinner and the other for dessert. Even though I'm born and raised in Los Angeles, CA, there are still a few places I haven't been and there are a few places that I love going to. So this week I did a combo of both. I was very pleased with the my two choices and will definitely be visiting these places again. Now let the "Wednesday Dinner" story begin, my first stop for dinner was Mike's Deli. Mike's Deli is a place that I have never been to believe it or not, many times I've been in the area of the Deli (Slauson and Fairfax) but just never got around to trying it. I always had the mind set that as a Deli they would close early, not take Credit/Debit cards and be closed on the weekends. And boy I was totally wrong, Mike's Deli sits on the corner of Slauson in a mini mall as some people would call it. If your not familiar with the area you might just pass it by and a word of advice "Don't". This place is your all around neighborhood deli and it shows by the appearance and the customer service. As I walked in the first thing I noticed was how extremely clean and neat the place was! That's always a huge plus! They're organization style is great, especially for a deli. Often times people go to deli's or meat markets and see all kinds of clutter and things for sale that shouldn't be sold at the same place you by your meat. Mike's Deli is a build your own sandwich or try one of their specialty sandwiches, in my opinion either way you can't loose with your sandwich choice. I loved the fact that the offer so many more choices of turkey than just turkey breast or smoked turkey breast, and I also liked the fact the slice the meat and cheese in house. So I proceeded to order and here is what I got:

Maple Glazed Turkey Sandwich (with extra mayo, mustard, Swiss cheese, lettuce, tomato, onion & pickles on wheat)
Bag of Plain Lays
Arizona Grapeade

Any place that sells Grapeade to go along with my sandwich totally gets my vote! The drink and chip selection at Mike's Deli is bonkers! They have everything from your basic sandwich chips all the way to your higher end chips such as Kettle chips. The wait time for my sandwich was about 5 mins and all that came up to a total of $8.92. Not a bad price, immediately I thought to myself "Subway & Quizno's need to step their sandwich game up"! I decided not to eat my food there, because this week I wanted to do dinner, dessert and a movie. So after I left Mike's Deli it was off to my next stop, which again another classic place in L.A. "Harriet's" which is where I was getting my dessert from. I am not sure if any one is familiar with "Harriet's" but if not, get familiar! "Harriet's" specializes in cheesecakes. Now these aren't your to thick cheesecakes that you can get at Cheesecake factory or other high end or low end restaurants. These cheesecakes are like granny/grandma used to make with a twist. "Harriet's" sits in Inglewood/Ladera boarder of off Centinela. I've been getting cheesecake from "Harriet's" for as long as I can remember, the cheesecakes are just amazing. Mom and Pop owned "Harriet's" is the place for cheesecake experimentation and they've got it down to a science. Offering many different flavors of cheesecake on a daily basis, it makes it hard for anyone to choose. Yesterday I found myself on the fence between Snickers and Banana Pudding, I remembered to follow my first mind so I went with Banana Pudding. Unfortunately "Harriet's" doesn't take Credit/Debit, they are a cash only operation with their cheesecakes reasonably priced at $6.00 a slice (no tax). I think that's a great price for a slice of heaven or something close to it LOL.

After leaving "Harriet's" I went back home to eat and enjoy my dinner, of course I started off with my Sandwich from "Mike's Deli". I noticed that this sandwich had won my heart, due to the fact it was neatly wrapped and had the mile high appeal to it. After opening it I knew my heart had been won over, stacked neatly to perfection and topped with fresh veggies how could I not be ready to taste it. My first bite was amazing! I knew I wasn't going to be able to finish the whole sandwich but I was certainly going to try. This was truly the best sandwich I've had and I will totally be visiting "Mike's Deli" again, now that I know they take Credit/Debit, stay open until 9pm and are open on the weekends. Along with my chips and Grapeade I was full and couldn't eat my cheesecake right away, so I decided to start watching my movie. The movie I chose to watch was "Obsessed" with Idris Alba and Beyonce Knowles, I didn't get a chance to see it when it came out so I bought the DVD this week. Let me just say I enjoyed the movie, and I don't really care for thrillers or anything that doesn't have a comedic feel to it. But this movie was good, check it out if you haven't seen it. After the movie it was time to eat the cheesecake and boy did I. Cheesecake + Banana Pudding= Deliciousness! Words can't even describe how great the taste of this cheesecake was, perfectly put together with a Nilla waffer crust, topped with banana chips and filled with banana pudding and cheesecake what could be better? I will be going back to "Harriet's" soon to try that Snicker's cheesecake or any other of their many flavors. Over all dinner was DELISH and I was was totally please and able to sleep well on a full stomach.

If you would like to get on the "Wednesday Dinner" train or have any ideas of places for me to try, please drop me a line In closing I'd like to talk about change, change is described as make or grow different. I have been noticing and noticed that people are afraid to change. A wise man once said and I quote "People will only change if they can see the benefits of the change first". a statement for all to think about. Change is something that is at times uncomfortable but can be the best thing that's ever happened to you given the mind set that you want to change. Personally I think we all need a change of something or need to change something or a few things, so why not start your change today or right now. Start with something little and work your way up to something big, who knows what can happen. You might starting living instead of just being alive once you start to change. Take it from someone who's made a lot of changes "It feels good to feel good" and its all because I changed the game in my life. A thought to think about, until next week SMOOCHES! -Ashley