Thursday, October 29, 2009

Wednesday Dinner 10/28/09

Good Morning, I hope everyone is feeling good! I know I am (Woohoo). This weeks "Wednesday Dinner" was a little random but good non the less. It first started with me going to see Michael Jackson's "This Is it", let me say this about the movie; if you are a HUGE Michael Jackson fan I would encourage you to see if but if your like me and your just a fan of his music I wouldn't waste my time or money. In my opinion it seemed very weird watching it, I won't give away the details of the movie but I could've waited until it came out on DVD personally. So after I saw the movie I was wondering what the hell I was going to eat. My original plans were to have dinner with 2 of my big homies Chris and Deon but we had to reschedule. So my homegirl Tati put me on blast yesterday on facebook asking me what was for dinner, but she wasn't able to come out either. So I had to think of something quick, I remembered my boy Chris had my Tshirt he bought back from New York for me so I figured let me go get my Tshirt and we can have dinner too. So let the "Wednesday Dinner" story begin. Chris and I haven't hung out since the summer time so it was good seeing him and catching up, although he lives on the other side of town (Haha). Since I was going to pick up my Tshirt it didn't make since to drive all the way to Hollywood and come right back so I figured we could grab something quick to eat and then traffic would die down by the time I was ready to leave. I had been having a taste for Roscoe's for about a week, so Roscoe's it was! ( Chris doesn't live to far from the Roscoe's in Hollywood on Gower so it was all good, here is what we had:

Ashley- Eclipse and E- 3 Wings, Grits, One egg & a biscuit (but I was get 2 eggs with cheese)
Chris-Heineken and Country boy- 3 Wings and a Waffle

Our waitress was pretty cool she did her job and didn't make any mistakes and plus everyone knows Roscoe's isn't known for their customer service! Although the waitress did hook me up with 4 wings instead of 3 got to love that. Over dinner Chris and I did a lot of catching up, Chris is an aspiring Director working in the industry on a new pilot show but has been on his grind working on sets for about a year. I can see huge difference in him since we first met. He recently got a promotion at work and I could tell he's a lot happier now. Chris has this infectious smile that can light up any room and its also contagious you can't help but smile when he does. Over dinner we talked about so much, from work, life, family, and relationships. He had me cracking up when he was sharing his relationship break up with me (HILARIOUS) but hey people break up every day so that's really nothing new. I also shared with him something that he didn't know about me which was also pretty funny (my break up story), so all in all dinner was good. I want to wish Chris the best of luck on his career move, I see you shinning boy! Keep up the good work! Usually I do dessert after dinner, but after eating at Roscoe's I didn't have a taste for anything sweet which is odd for me because my sweet tooth is always in full effect. But little did I know I would get a sweet visit from my BooBoo, when I got home he came and hung out with me for a while and there were hugs and kisses all around (thanks BooBoo). So all in all my night ended great! If you would like to be on the "Wednesday Dinner" hit list or have any suggestion drop me a line . In closing I want to talk about something one of my friends told me, he said and I quote "You sound so hurt in your blogs, like a women scorned". So not true but at a certain time that was a true statement. At the time when I started this blog I was in a good place and every day things keep getting better and better. I have let go of things and people that were not good for me or to me and have reconnected with people who are good to me and things that are good for me. I was just getting tired of giving and not getting so I had to do something about it and when I started to change and grow certain things just didn't feel right anymore. So let me say this to me dear friend "I am fine and doing much better, although some days might be better than others I am getting through everything the best way I know how. I am done hurting and fighting and I am being the best me because the best is coming to me". Until next week Bon Jour-Ashley!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Wednesday Dinner 10/21/09

Good Morning! Friday is slowly approaching (Woohoo)! I hope everyone is having a positive and productive week! This week I was able to stick to my plans for dinner again, so it looks like I'm 2 for 2. The plan was for all of my cousins to meet and have dinner in honor of Shelby's birthday, Shelby's actual birthday isn't until Saturday but we decided to get the party started early. Unfortunately Brittany and Mikey couldn't make, I think Mikey was having something at his Fire Station and Brittany was with him. I don't know what happened to Dominick, but as usual the show must go on. Shelby, Melissa, Marc, Brandon (Shelby's bff) and I all went to dinner. Since it was all about Shelby last night I decided to let her pick where she wanted to eat. so let the "Wednesday Dinner" story began. Shelby wanted to go to Natalie Thai (, for months she had been telling me I need to go there and blog about it so I was down with that. I am not big on Thai food but I have a few Thai places that I love to go to when I am in the mood for Thai food. We all planned to meet at Natalie Thai at 7pm which was pretty early for me since I had been doing dinner so late for the past couple of weeks, but I was glad to be getting back to my early schedule. Natalie Thai has 2 locations, one in Beverly Hills and one in Venice. We went to the on on Venice since it was closer for everybody. On the outside Natalie Thai looks very hip and clean, however there is a disclaimer Shelby forgot to tell us ("They got a B") oh Shelby is what I was thinking in my head. Inside its also very hip and cute but the service isn't. Our waitress was a complete piece of work and I was highly irritated with the service we where given! We were all ready to eat and order once we got there, I wasn't aware that Natalie Thai serves Sushi because its not on their website but we started with some sushi and drinks:

Philadelphia Roll
Natalie Thai Jazz Roll
2 Shrimp Tempura Rolls
California Roll
Ashley& Melissa- Pina Colada's
Marc- Blue Hawaiian

I was in so much shock last night at the actions of our waitress, I will not put her name on blast but I will say that I will NEVER be going back to that Natalie Thai again! It seemed like she was over whelmed with taking our orders, Shelby and I ordered Sushi first and about 10 minutes later Melissa ordered some more Sushi, I took about 10 minutes for Shelby and I to get our Sushi and 30 minutes for her to bring out Melissa's (that's just ridiculous!) that was strike one!. The Sushi there is DELISH, they put a spin on their rolls they make them from the inside out. For example a Philadelphia roll usually has the salmon on the inside, they put the salmon on the outside. The drinks Melissa & I has were DELSIH too, the Pina Colada was good and served in a little coconut cup with an umbrella. It was time to order and here is what we had:

Ashley- Pad Thai Noodles-Thai spaghetti, pure and simple! Noodles, shrimp, chicken, egg, green onion
Shelby-Pad Thai Noodles- Thai spaghetti, pure and simple! Noodles, shrimp, chicken, egg, green onion
Brandon- Lampang Chow Mein-Beef, pork or chicken with chow mein noodles and vegetables
Marc- Spicy Monsoon Noodles- Plenty of flat noodles with mint leaves and choice of chicken, beef or pork
Melissa-Thai BBQ Pork-sweetly flavored, garlic crusted BBQ pork
Ashley, Shelby & Melissa- Heavenly Combo-Fried rice with shrimp, chicken, beef, onion, egg, tomato, pea and carrot

OK so here was another issue I had with the waitress, in the middle of ordering Melissa asked her to come back to her (meaning take Marc & Brandon's order, since Shelby & I had already ordered). It was obvious that she didn't know what Melissa meant because she just walked away? Who the hell does that?? So I had to get the attention of the hostess to ask her to send our waitress back over. When our waitress came back over she stated she thought Melissa said come back to all of them, huh? That was strike two! When our food came out and it was piping hot but I noticed Melissa's food was no where to be found, so 5 minutes went by no food for Melissa, 10 minutes went by still no food for Melissa, 15 minutes went by still no food for Melissa. The waitress came over and asked if we needed anything, and Melissa's like well wheres my food? Apparently the waitress didn't here Melissa's order (HUH?!?!) then she gave us some sort of hand jester to emphasize she didn't here Melissa. Melissa asked her to put the order in anyway, that was strike three for that waitress and three strikes your ass is out! During dinner we just goofed off and had plenty of jokes and laughs! Shelby's best friend Brandon is like me and Melissa's little brother so we always have fun with him and Marc is funny too! So all in all it was a good time. Luckily by the time Melissa's food came out we were still eating, but there was something fishy or should I say funky about Melissa's food. The Pork was served with some dipping sauce that smelled like (BooBoo), really it smelled like a fart and I just couldn't get with that! In my opinion the food was average not the best Thai Food I've had but it was all about Shelby, I just have to double check her choices next time. Dinner came to a grand total of $126.04, I was happy that there was only 5 of us and not 6 because the waitress would have got an automatic tip and I would've been upset about that! Melissa and I had planned to spilt the bill but our cousin Marc was kind enough to spilt it with us(Thanks Marc!!!). Melissa and Marc wanted to leave her a tip and ya'll know how I do with tipping! I believe in good customer service and if you can't be good at that then find another job, call in sick, or take a vacation. I hadn't had service this bad since that fiasco at Red Lobster, so to me Natalie Thai is running neck in neck Red Lobster as places I will never go again! The only plus to last night was that I was with people I love and the food was alright, unfortunately this week we didn't do dessert :-( . I was ready to get out of there and I didn't want to give them any more of my money and plus we were all to full. The Pina Colada Melissa and I had were actually sweet enough for the both of us, I think dessert would have been to much. If you would like to get on the "Wednesday Dinner" roster or have any suggestions on where I should go drop me a line In closing I would like to talk about Shelby: Almost 17 years ago Shelby was born and from then on my life has changed. I was never really into to babies or children but she changed that. She was my little baby and I have helped my parents raise her, as a child she was so cute, caring and filled with so much personality. She has always had a heart of gold and I am so very proud of her! I have watched her grow into a lovely young lady and I am so blessed, thankful and grateful to have experienced life with her. As she prepares for college and finishes her senior year I am in awe and at times speechless because I am amazed at the wonderful things she is accomplishing. She is more than my sister she is one of my best friends and one of the flyest Seniors I know. So thank you Shelby, you have taught me so much and I love you!!! Happy Birthday Boo! Until next week, Sayanora-Ashley

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Wednesday Dinner 10/14/09

Hey ya'll! OMG thank GOD its Thursday! This has just been one of those weeks for me! For some reason I haven't been able to get to work on time this whole week. I'm not sure if its because of the weather or if its because of my tummy problems I've been having (and no I'm not prego), but any who the show must go on. This week for once I was able to stick with my plans and no changes where made, which was great for me! Yesterday was just a crazy day in itself but for some reason when I got to dinner last night I just felt so calm and relaxed but once I left dinner the craziness picked up all over again. Now let the "Wednesday Dinner" story begin, this week I was able to have dinner with one of my dearest friends. Erica Flowers is her name and we have been friends since we were 3 years old, we attended the same private school as children. As we got older we lost touch, and about 3 years ago we found each other on Myspace (of course that's when Myspace was so the place to be) HA! Anytime Erica and I get together we always have a ton of laughs and a lot of catching up to do. Usually I let my guest pick where we go and eat so this week was no different, and Erica made a great choice. We met up last night at about 8:30pm which was kind of late but Erica needed time to put her daughter to bed. On a side not Erica's daughter is the cutest little girl, she is so sweet and smart she is the spitting image of Erica when Erica was that age. I love the fact that Erica is always so prompt and on time so meeting at 8:30pm was right on time for the both of us. Erica suggested that we meet at Truxston's (, I had never been there before and this is one of Erica's favorite places so it was a win win for the both of us. Truxton's is local but it is tucked in a location where you would never guess, but usually those are always the best places to eat. When I arrived I felt this really great energy, it was like this place was a breath of fresh air. It is very clean and just all around refreshing! Truxton's wasn't overly crowded but it wasn't empty either, I am noticing that more and more people are having late dinners these days. In the south eating this late is called supper, hmmmm thats a thought when I eat that late maybe I should call it "Wednesday Supper". Anyway so we sat at a booth in the back and "Wednesday Dinner" was on. I was so hungry, I didn't really eat a lunch yesterday because I was going to go balls to the walls for dinner but when you wait all day to eat your eyes are usually bigger than your stomach. Truxton's has a huge dinner menu, everything from soups to salads, burgers to sandwiches, pasta to pizzas, appetizers to desserts and regular entrees. There were so many choices and trust me it was a hard one but I was pleased with my choice and Erica was too, here is what we had:

Truxton's Monkey Bread- Pull-apart Housemade Bread Rolled in Cheddar Cheese and Garlic Butter
Ashley- Spicy Roasted Red Pepper Penne- Penne Pasta Tossed with Chicken Breast, Red Onions, Poblano Chiles, Cilantro, Corn, Roasted Red Pepper Cream Sauce and Topped with Cotija Cheese
Erica-Grilled Chicken Breast- Skinless, Pounded, Grilled Chicken Breast Lightly Brushed with Olive Oil, Garlic and Fresh Herbs. Served with Steamed Seasonal Vegetables and Side Salad

Eating with Erica is always fun because she keeps me laughing about how she is trying to loose weight. If any of you know Erica you know she doesn't need to loose any weight, but you can't tell her that. She always cracks me up with her skinny girl diets and work outs. During dinner we caught up on so much, from our dating/love life's, work, school, friends and as usual everyday life happenings. Erica also shared with me that she has gone back to school on line to get her Bachelor's degree, which is amazing! Recently Erica graduated from Nursing School and is officially a RN, she is doing so great and clearly going places! I am so proud of you and wish you all he success in the world!!! Our waitress at Truxton's started off good, but fell off towards the end of dinner. Erica and I both got a little bothered by a dinner party that was being held behind us, they were just getting to loud and ghetto for our taste and our waitress seemed to be giving them more attention. After much needed girl talk and good food it was time to get some dessert going, Erica shared with me that Truxton's has something like a Pizookie from BJ's. No "Wednesday Dinner" is ever complete with out dessert, so we were all set to try Truxton's version of a Pizookie. Sadly we were told that they were all out of the cookie dessert (Sad Face), but the Manager suggest we try something just as good and we did, we had:

Housemade Chocolate Brownie Sundae- Housemade Chocolate Brownie with a Hint of Cream Cheese Topped with Two Scoops Vanilla Ice Cream and Whipped Cream Drizzled with Chocolate Sauce and Topped with Shaved White Chocolate, Powdered Sugar and Caramelized Walnuts

When this dessert go to the table, I was in heaven! This is clearly a dessert for two, I give a high five to anyone who can finish that by them selves. Erica and I were both in awe of this brownie sundae, the brownie was fresh and moist with just enough ice cream, chocolate sauce and walnuts. I especially enjoyed the shaved white chocolate on top, that was one of the best dessert I had in a while just absolutely DELISH! All in all dinner was great, I will definitely be going back to Truxton's again. I am learning that old friends are truly the best friends, thanks Erica for a great dinner date (HA!). If you would like to get on the "Wednesday Dinner" team or have any suggestions on where I should eat next, drop me a line In closing I would like to talk about Education. Education is defined as the gradual process of acquiring knowledge. Education is one of the most powerful tools a person can have, a smart person has power. Education can be something that is learned formally by going to school and then there is street education that is taught by real life experiences and lessons. In my opinion it is important to have both. Education is something that no matter what, no one can take that away from you. It is important to know things in life and apply them, with all the knowledge that is available there should be no stupid people in the world. Education is key and important, so if you are interested in going to back to school do it because I am. 2010 here I come! Until next week, bye bye! -Ashley

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Wednesday Dinner 10/7/09

Hey ya'll and Happy Thursday!!! Another week almost complete for those of us who work 5 days straight (Wooohooo). I hope everyone is feeling good and looking forward to something positive and exciting this weekend. This weeks "Wednesday Dinner" was very special to me, I got a chance to have dinner with one of my favorite women. My big cousin Chanel! For the people who know me you all know the relationship Chanel and I have and for those who don't here's a brief description: Chanel has been in my life since I was 10 years old, she started off doing my hair and she still does, her and my mom were pregnant at the same time, Chanel's daughter Taelor and my baby sister Shelby are 10 days apart. Chanel has always been like a big sister to me since I don't have one, and last year she got married and my sisters and I where in her wedding. Chanel and I have been through so many things together and we have both helped and watched each other grow over the years. She has always supported my choices in life even she didn't agree with them. She has also given me some great advice over the years and she always makes it a point to say "I love you" when we get off the phone. Thank you for it all Ms. Chanel and I love you too. Chanel was so excited we were going to dinner and so was I, so let the "Wednesday Dinner" story began. Chanel and I were stuck between two different places this week, but we both decided to follow our first minds and go with what I would say was a great choice. Although we didn't get to have dinner until 8:30pm, which is a little late but it was still a great time none the less. So Chanel and I met at TART ( TART is located in the Fairfax/Farmer's Market/Grove area. TART is a very simple looking restaurant from the outside and inside, the decor is very home style which is cool because it goes along with the food. From pizza to pasta, chicken to steak, fries to mashed potatoes, burgers to sandwiches, they have what I would call "comfort food with a twist". The restaurant wasn't crowded but it wasn't empty either, there were a couple of people having a late dinner mostly in groups of two. The atmosphere at TART is very laid back, which is great because sometimes you just want to go and eat dinner and not put on all the fancies. When we arrived at TART I was so hungry, I really hadn't eaten a full meal yesterday because I was looking forward to dinner, with plenty of appetizers and entrees to choose from I knew my choice was going to be a tough one but after talking to the waiter and getting his opinion of what was good we were finally ready to order and here is what we had:

2 glasses of Pinot Grigio
Chanel- Tart Salad
Ashley- Potato Soup
Chanel- Blackend Chicken Penne Pasta
Ashley- Shrimp & Spinach Pizza

I have to say that Chanel and I were both please with our food choices, personally my Potato soup was DELISH. I love soup its one of my favorite things to eat when it starts getting cold, so I was excited and pleased with the Potato soup. Chanel loved her before dinner salad and it looked really good I was just to into my soup to get a bite of her salad. Then it was time for dinner to come out, I must say that the timing was perfect on getting the food out to us. It wasn't to soon after we ate our soup and salad and we weren't waiting extremely long either. Dinner came out and the food was pipping hot, which in my opinion is a plus there is nothing worse than getting cold food when eating out. The portions of food where big, well at least big to me because my eyes are always bigger than my stomach. My pizza was actually big enough for two people, I didn't finish it all but I will finish the rest for lunch today. Chanel's pasta was big enough for one with a little left over for a snack today. Chanel didn't get a chance to taste my pizza because she doesn't eat seafood, however I got to taste her paste and it was YUMMY! Over dinner we talked about so many things: Shelby and Taelor going off to college, Taelor's Cotillion, family, marriage, work, and just all around everyday life happenings. On a side note Congratulations to Chanel's best friend Geenia, she's getting married and I just found out last night! Wooohooo another wedding and another couple to live happily ever after, I wish them the best! Talking to Chanel is always easy and comforting. Last night was very laid back, we laughed not to hard and not to little. Sometimes as women we need to be around another women who make us feel comfortable and make it easy just to be you, so thanks for last night Chanel. The night was coming to an end but not before we ordered dessert, TART has so many good looking desserts to choose from since we were both full it didn't make any since for us both to get a dessert so we shared:

S'mores Ice Cream Pie

This pie was like something I never tasted before, its like a S'more with ice cream with out all the mess and stickiness. I am not sure about anyone else but I love S'mores and I love ice cream so that was a win win for me. Chanel and I did real damage to our dessert and there was nothing left, we both agreed that pie was DELISH! Last nights dinner came to a grand total of $71.67, which isn't bad for 2 people who both had an alcoholic beverage, appetizer, entree and dessert. I will definitely be going back to TART, but next time I will try breakfast. Also on another side note this week and next week is LA Dine Week ( LA Dine week is a chance for people to experience higher end restaurants at a lower end price, check out the website. If you would like the "Wednesday Dinner" train to pick you up or if you have any suggestions, drop me a line In closing I would like to talk about haters, a hater is defined as a person that simply cannot be happy for another person's success. So rather than be happy they make a point of exposing a flaw in that person. We have all experienced Haters in our life time, some of us were being hated on before the term Hater was created and some of us have been hating on others before you even knew you were being called a Hater. Either way it is never a good thing to be so consumed with what someone else is doing. With hard work, faith, and dedication you can have just as much if not more than the next person. So before you start hating on someone, stop, think and be happy for them and figure out how you can get what they got! And for the people who are getting Hated on "Let you Haters, be your motivators". Until next week- TTYL- Ashley

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Wednesday Dinner 9/30/09

Greetings everyone! I just realized 09 is almost over, wow buddy. Another year gone by to quickly! Anyway you know I'm a little tired but the show must go on. Yesterday was just "One of those days" for me, I had a night on Tuesday that's one of those nights you have when something exciting or interesting happens & the next day your all tired and what not. However in my case nothing exciting or interesting happened. It was just a mess, but on a lighter note I am feeling much better this morning. So I was on the fence yesterday with what I wanted to do or eat. My original plan was to go to the Trey Songz concert with my home girl Tati but we didn't get a chance to go, then I was going to see a movie but I was so tired yesterday there was no way I was going to be able to stay awake through a movie. So then I figured I would see if Shelby wanted to go out since shes working now she can afford to hang out (HAHA). So I invited Shelby & her best friend Maya to dinner, its so funny how history is repeating itself through Shelby for me. When I was in high school I had (and still do have) a best friend named Miya, that's so crazy to me. Shelby & Maya remind me so much of me & my Miya its just to funny! I was still on the fence with what I had a taste for, there was one place I kept thinking about so instead of thinking anymore I decided to follow my first mind. So "Wednesday Dinner" began at Hof's Hut ( Hof's is one of my favorite places for plenty of reasons, mainly its not close but its not to far so when I go its a treat, there is not a lot of young people which means its filled with old folks & pretty quite, its extremely huge so its not like everyone is sitting to close to each other & they have a wide variety of food, breakfast is served all day, fresh baked pies, & home style cooked meals aka comfort food. On our way there Shelby & Maya had me crackin up in the car talking about what they are dressing up as for Halloween, what they are doing for Homecoming & just other little teen girl talk comments (it was too funny!). When we got to Hof's the wait was about 10 minutes to be seated, the place was pretty crowded for a Wednesday night but I guess people don't cook at home like they use to. I was a little disappointed in the service last night from what was suppose to be our waitress, it just seemed as if she wasn't on her best last night. It took about 10 minutes before we got our drinks so by then we were already to order. And here is what we had:

Potato Skins
Spinach & Artichoke Dip
Ashley- Double Pork Chops
Two thick, juicy center cut pork chops, rubbed with parmesan herb seasoning, grilled & served over apple almond stuffing. Served with homemade cinnamon apples, mashed potatoes with gravy & creamed corn
Shelby- Rotisserie Chicken Half chicken slow roasted in our rotisserie oven until moist and juicy inside, crisp & delicious outside with loaded mashed potatoes
Maya- Seafood Combo Platter
A large platter of your favorite seafood. A fillet of Cajun-jerk or pecan encrusted salmon, BBQ shrimp or panko breaded fantail shrimp & beer battered cod with loaded mashed potatoes

The prices at Hof's aren't that expensive, with many other restaurants offering special dinner deals like "2 eat for $20" Hof's is doing the same thing "3 courses for $19.99". Shelby & Maya decided to take the $19.99 deal & I was flying solo with mine. By the time dinner came out I was a little full because with had the 2 appetizers, but never the less I still ate some of my dinner. My pork chops were very good along with my creamed corn & mashed potatoes, I wasn't to big on the stuffing. I was a little disappointed because they ran out of corn bread but I got garlic toast instead & it was pretty good. Shelby said her chicken was good & Maya said the same about her food also. At dinner Shelby & Maya kept me laughing we talked mostly about Maya's relationship with her sister & the relationship Shelby has with Melissa, & the relationship Shelby & I have. As sisters it is not always easy to get along but we make it work like we would any other relationship. At the end of the day God forbid something happen to our parents, my sisters are all I have so it is our job to be tighter than skinny jeans!(Haha). Maya is struggling with her relationship with her older sister, they are just like Shelby & I 10 years apart. I spoke with Maya & gave her some insight & I will pray her & her sisters relationship. Maya was also giving me some suggestions on other places to go & I took my notes so thanks Maya! After we ate we were all so FULL but Shelby & Maya got a dessert with their meal, I didn't & I was going to take something to go but they didn't have the kind of cheesecake I wanted :-( . So Shelby & Maya got a mini apple pie to go & then it was time to roll. Over all dinner was good, I always enjoy my time with Shelby & Maya was just an extra bonus. They are both so sweet & funny I love you girls! Dinner was $57.64 which wasn't bad at all for 3 people who left there a little heavier from when they walked in. All in all it was a great time, yesterday I just didn't really feel like doing to much which was good because I did just enough. On the way back home we had a little girl talk in the car, I was giving the girls a little game on life, boys & girls. I was just explaining to them that not all men are bad & just to always, always no matter what conduct yourself as a lady. It was a good talk for all of us!!! If you would like to get on the "Wednesday Dinner" boat or have any suggestions drop me a line In closing I would like to talk about Energy, energy is defined as the power to do work, or force of expression. I am not sure how much people realize how important good energy is. If you are putting out bad energy people can feel it almost immediately. It is important to put out good & positive energy because you want to get that back in return. Bad energy gives back bad energy! Next time you meet someone or are around someone you know try & tune in to their energy & see what vibes you get, you'll be amazed once to start to pick up on peoples energy. Remember "You get back what you give out". Until next week Bye- Ashley