Thursday, March 15, 2012

Wednesday Dinner 3/14/2012

Good morning and happy Thursday!! Just 2 more full work days and the weekend will be here. Please be safe this weekend as we are expecting a heavy rain storm. Anyway let me get right into it! This weeks "Wednesday Dinner" was based on a text message I received. Not sure if you all are aware that when the Lakers win you can get 5 free boneless wings from "Wing Stop" ( , I believe you send a text to 525377 to sign up, I think. Anyway so I decided to give "Wing Stop" another try, I haven't had "Wing Stop" in 2 years! Yes that is correct 2 years. 2 years ago during the NBA Finals I placed an order with "Wing Stop" by phone and was told my order would be ready in 30 minutes, I actually waited 40 minutes before leaving my house to go pick the order up. Once I got there the place is packed, which is understandable. Wings, basketball, Lakers, OK I get it. However! Once we stood in line for another 20 minutes to be told our order would be ready in 15 more minutes, I started to get irritated. So we waited, then a checked on the order 20 minutes later, still not ready! So I asked to speak to the manager, needless to say she was RUDE, UNHELPFUL and told me to call corporate. OK cool! So we left with NO WINGS! I called corporate the next day, sent an email to the owner of that location and needless to say I not no response and after that I vowed that "Wing Stop" would never get a dime from me because they suck at customer service! So I have been getting text for the 5 free boneless wings for about a year now and I have never used it. SOOOOOO yesterday was the day I decided to take a leap of faith and give them another try! I went to the "Wing Stop" by my house on Vermont and 83rd, its a fairly new location so I figured it was worth trying, boy was I WRONG! So I walk in and the place wasn't that crowded, there were about 10 people eating through out the place. So I didn't have to wait long, so I placed my ordered and I had:

1 Small Fry
10 Boneless Wings (Mild & Hawaiian Flavored)
5 Lemon Pepper Wings (FREE)
2 Ranch Dressings

So I was told my order would be ready in 20 minutes, OK cool. So I took a seat. "Wing Stop" is so WACK for charging for ranch! You order wings at "Art's Wings & Things" and they give you a million and one ranch dressings! Anyway, do you know it took those RATCHETS 45 minutes to complete my order. I forgot to mention that the ratchet who took my order actually needed to put her hands on my phone and read my text message about the free wings! Anyway in 45 minutes my order was ready, so I checked my bag because it was looking a little light! I was like "did they put my wings AND fries in the same container"? HA! Naw they didn't! Them ratchets forgot my damn fries! OK, so now I had to wait another 10 minutes for fries, OK! So I looked at my wings and noticed that the 5 boneless wings that were free were actually bone in wings! OK whatever apparently the ratchet who took my order did not see the word BONELESS in the text message! So my total for everything came up to $10.18 not to bad! So I got home and went to work on my food, I must say that "Wing Stops" boneless wings are good and the bone in wings aren't too bad either. The fries are good too. The thing that throws me off is that they SUPER SUCK at customer service! And that is something that I strongly believe in! I know a lot of people love "Wing Stop" because its cheap and the wings are good but they really need to get their customer service in order! If you search them on you'll see they have horrible reviews based on their customer service which is sad! If you would like to be a "Wednesday Dinner" wing man drop me a line and follow me on Twitter . In closing I'd like to leave you with this "Let your story be your testimony, let your testimony be youe journey, let your journey be your triumph and your triumph be your glory"! Until next week-Ashley

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  1. Next time go to the one on Slauson I'm not a huge fan of wing stop but that location is a little better than the one on Vermont.